Bandish Studios is our revered venture to explore the fascinating dimensions of audio-visual media. To put simply, we cherish filmmaking and rejoice all the creative and technical aspects involved!

At Bandish, we comprehensively work on projects related to films, ads and branding. We specialise in post-production services that covers Sound Design, Editing, Dubbing, Foley, Mixing, VFX, voice-overs, Color Correction, Subtitling, Chroma Shoot.

Passion for our craft and the zest to  experiment drives us! ‘Bandish’ is our joyous journey to explore creativity and to improve as artists. Our experienced and creative  team of film technicians is our backbone! 

We are filmmakers at our core – we make films in a cathartic way, with emotion, where you empathize and then you’re amazed! Apart from producing and making our own content, we offer end to end filmmaking, ad making services to our clients (a.k.a our creative collaborators).

At our vibrant RnD department, ‘BANDISH LABS’, we enjoy experimenting with the alchemy of different techniques, expressions and technologies. We have tested several ingenious experiments with VR, AR, Simulations, AV installations, holophonic recordings, projection mapping, Binaural, etc. This enables us to offer out of the box solutions at all times!