Bandish Studios is our revered venture to explore the fascinating dimensions of audio-visual media. To put simply, we cherish filmmaking and rejoice all the creative and technical aspects involved!

At Bandish, we comprehensively work on projects related to films, ads and branding. We specialise in post-production services that covers Sound Design, Editing, Dubbing, Foley, Mixing, VFX, voice-overs, Color Correction, Subtitling, Chroma Shoot.

Passion for our craft and the zest to  experiment drives us! ‘Bandish’ is our joyous journey to explore creativity and to improve as artists. Our experienced and creative  team of film technicians is our backbone! 

We are filmmakers at our core – we make films in a cathartic way, with emotion, where you empathize and then you’re amazed! Apart from producing and making our own content, we offer end to end filmmaking, ad making services to our clients (a.k.a our creative collaborators).

At our vibrant RnD department, ‘BANDISH LABS’, we enjoy experimenting with the alchemy of different techniques, expressions and technologies. We have tested several ingenious experiments with VR, AR, Simulations, AV installations, holophonic recordings, projection mapping, Binaural, etc. This enables us to offer out of the box solutions at all times! 


Piyush Shah

Postgrad in Sound Design (Films) from the Film and Television Institute of India, he is now an incredible Filmmaker and Sound Designer, credited for several critically acclaimed feature films, short films, and documentaries.

CA Rachna Shah

The finance and administrative backbone of Bandish, she is a Chartered Accountant by profession who helps streamline the studio workflow and plans the logistics to meet deadlines.

Manjeet Katariya

The seed to be creative from the tender age of 7 led him to his initiation into Photography; a creative field having no boundaries sowed the grain in him to be expressive in his thoughts. Turning his passion for photography into a full-time establishment as a Content Creator & now a Business Owner of a Film Production Company is a dream come true for him!

Tina Soneri

A movie buff with a keen interest in finance & administration, she makes sure that the team’s creative minds are never stuck because of finance, and Bandish Studios continues creating masterpieces.

Omkar Desai

Guitarist in a band by passion and a Sound Engineer by profession, at Bandish Studios, he looks into sound, packet biscuits, as well as film production. Anything related to sound and music, he’s got you covered!

Akshay Sathe

Postgrad in Sound Recording and Designing from MIT School of Film and Television, he is a Filmmaker and a Guitarist who majors in Dubbing, track laying & location sound at Bandish Studios, along with being an incredible Foley artist.

Imtiyaj Jumanalkar

Having a keen interest in location sound recording, he has been working in this field as an Assistant and Location Sound Recordist for over 4 years.

Siddhant Pawar

Young and dynamic creative designer broadening the horizon of design, his every design reflects his unique brand of personality. Design flows seamlessly from his mind to the digital canvas creating magic!

Tushar Mali

The youngest member of the squad, handling multiple roles from editing to designing to social media here at Bandish Studios, he makes every video and designs a masterpiece!

Amey Gore

Former Actor, and trained Director from the prestigious FTII, he turned over a new leaf to venture out as a Documentary Director, Voice Artist, and Copywriter. He leads the ship as a Creative Director. Exploring Hindustani classical, discovering and exploring the joy of cooking, he believes that the exploration has only just begun!

Shubham Kumbhar

Young, dynamic personality, passionate about filmmaking processes, he looks into studio and equipment maintenance and efficiently handles logistics and production.

Rahul Kamble

Traveling through a sea of jobs in various fields, he finally found his home ground in Bandish Studios. Extremely hard-working, he has assisted innumerable shoots and is now a trained avid boom-man!

Kaushik Bugdane

Mechanical Engineer turned into Sound Designer – he is an aspiring composer with a great set of skills in audio post-production. If you need expertise in audio, he’s got your back!

Karina Rupani

Word enthusiast, copywriter, storyteller—the kind that puts epic ideas into words that persuade and make action happen. When she’s not writing words, she can usually be found reading classics, exploring geopolitics or drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Shreya Shah

With a team of digital wizards and witty-wizzes, as a Social Media Executive, she helps businesses reach their full potential on social media. Managing social media strategy, implementation, and execution for brands to achieve growth is her forte.

Aiman Shaikh

Working in HR, she has a forte in solving problems that nobody knew existed in ways that nobody can imagine. She also recruits incredible talents, manages payroll and puts policies in place - all while she’s running on a treadmill!

Abhiraj Dethe

Direction from FTII was inspired by his new found interest in theatre during his engineering days. As a Creative Director - direct, research, write and scan over the post-production process are some of the roles he executes here. Always hunting for originality and a fresh perspective to look at the world, you will find him somewhere in the studio working on the next big idea.

Harshad Kakade

Starting as an Electronics & Tele-communications major, he explored his interest in guitar and found his passion for sound. When he is not occupied with mixing various sounds to create a great piece of art, he is out in the mountains either bike riding or trekking.

Ningappa Bharamshetty

A hardworking trait comes easy to him given his vibrant past as a Kusti player. As an Office Assistant, he looks after all back-end responsibilities, packet biscuits and more.