Establish your identity as we articulate your brand position! From color palette to the visual style, logos to the communication strategy, media content to outreach, we will have you covered across all media. Our holistic branding approach includes:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logos , Graphics, Typography
  • Website (With design, SEO, UI/UX)
  • Content Writing
  • Signage, Brochure, Letterheads,
  • Product Design

Production House

Bandish Studios, a new age venture that explores the multiple facets of the audio-visual media, enjoys shaping ideas into cinematic spectacle for ads, films, brand creation and more! We are committed to creating exquisite content that strikes a resonating chord with the audience. Our experienced teams efficiently handle the complex cinema workflow, be it from ideation to storyboarding, shooting to production, post production to packaging. Brands, big and small, have trusted us with their image building campaigns, inclusive of videos and social media. Quite literally at ‘Bandish’ – we aim to bind ideas together!

Content Creation

Apparently, our genes have morphed with the CINEMA DNA. The zest for AV content comes as naturally to us as breathing. Advertising agencies and corporate houses have partnered with Bandish Studios as their trusted Production House for creating content. From established directors and producers to filmmaking enthusiasts, from Giant Enterprises to SMEs , all have entrusted us for our services. Our Content creation services include:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • VR, AR
  • Radio Spots, Jingles.
  • Product Photography, Videography

If you have an idea, we will love to partner to give it a cinematic form.

Social Media Marketing

We shape and sculpt your brand with our digital marketing strategies. Our in-house designers, content writers and filmmakers work in sync to have the most fitting representation of your Social Media Identity.While our marketers love to gauge markets, our designers ensure maximum, optimum outreach. Our social media marketing services include:

  • Social Media Content Creation (Graphic, Audio, Visual, Blogs)
  • Digital Media Marketing (across all popular social media platforms)

Post Production

With our state of the art studio facilities, talented team, your thoughts are transformed into a work of art. Our studio services include Chroma shooting floor, graphic design, voiceover, visual effects, music, sound recording and design, foley, mixing and color grading. If you can imagine it, we can do it


Edit Table is the place where the narratives take shape and the expression transforms! Bandish Studios helps you cast this complex magical spell with our experienced, sensitive editing artists and software. From fiction feature films to documentaries, short films to commercials, we have a massive experience to handle all the technical and creative workflow in the editing department.

Sound Design

Sound is 50% of the cinematic experience if not more! To help the director’s vision through audio medium is a core aspect of filmmaking. The sound designer takes accountability for all the audio processes involved in making Cinema sound, which covers sync recording, dubbing, foley, dialogue cleaning, noise reduction, ambience layering, sound effects design, mixing, music balance, and more. We take pride to share that we have been credited as Sound Designer for 30+ feature films, web series, 100+ short films, ads and documentaries.

Chroma Shoot and Keying

At our in-house Chroma shoot setup, we undertake product shoots, commercial videos, and E-learning projects. From Chroma screen, lighting, filters, cameras, Teleprompters, our studio is equipped with all the equipment required for Chroma shoots. The post Chroma services, like Chroma keying, adding animations, VFX, motion texts, are also part of our offerings. We also excel in voice over recording for Films, animations, and commercials.

Dubbing and Voice Over

Re-recording of all the location dialogues and seamlessly lip syncing every syllable involves serious efforts and skills of the artist and dubbing recordist. At our dubbing studios, we have recorded for over a dozen films, web series, documentaries and commercials. We also excel in voice over recording for Films, animations, and commercials.


The art of recreating the sounds which the screen characters are seen doing is Foley! The realism, surrealism and emotions in film are certainly but unnoticeably driven by thousands of these complex, micro sounds. Be it footsteps, cloth rustles, fighting scenes, jewellery, utensils, doors, battle sounds, at our Foley studios, our Foley magicians cast their spell to enhance the cinematic auditory experience.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering are the final steps of audio production workflow. Bringing out the desired tones, emotions, balances needs experienced, nuanced mixing and mastering skills. Setting the correct tones, minutely managing thousands of frequencies on hundreds of tracks, setting the correct balance requires trained ears and massive technological skills. Mixing film needs a creative amalgamation of dialogues, background score, ambient sounds, music and at Bandish Studios, we help you brew the right blend! Several features, songs, audio books, commercials have been mixed by us in 7.1, 5.1, stereo, mono, binaural formats. Be it Music or theatrical mix of films, we are proud of all our mixing and mastering skills!


Apt translations, minute placement of subtitles, dynamically modulating text appearance are skills that require creative and technical expertise that our team possesses. We have successfully rendered subtitling services for several projects in English, Marathi, Hindi content.

Grading, Color Correction

We simplify the complex world of colours by intricately working out what suits best for our client’s objective. With our Grading and Color correction services, we optimise the look for films, logos and products.